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A Visionary Web Name

CloudUlta is a distinguished company name developed for a technology company, hub network firm or other network infrastructure web business. CloudUlta is a compound name combining the power word "cloud" and the evocation of "ultimate." This is a major-league name for a firm looking to stand out.

Find a Cool Name for your Business

Take a look at some of the coolest names for technology, service, professional and other high growth companies.

New Web Company Domains!

Looking for a cool company name for your tech company or other high-growth business? We’ve created a hot list of super-cool company names for a great start-up.

If you’re looking for a unique company name with a matching, available dot.com domain, you’ll want to check out this list.

These names have been brainstormed by the best company name developers on the planet.

Each company name packs a powerful punch and has been custom-crafted to evoke a strong feeling or sensation that will set your business ahead of the competition.

We want your start-up to be the next Twitter®, WhatsApp®, Facebook®, Motorola® or PlayStation®. So take a look at the most versatile and substantial web names and domain names that you'll find anywhere.

When you are starting a new business you need a bold, powerful, premium domain name to help separate your company from the many other firms that compete in your market space.

Over the years Webrics.com has been involved in selecting masterly-cool web domain names for thousands of businesses.

We not only have a knack for developing stimulating web names -- we have mountains of research to support our naming decisions.

The 6 “Must-Know” Elements of a Superb Web Name

There are six key factors the Webrics team looks for when we develop a web name and domain name.

1. Characters and Length. A successful domain name for a business, product or service is usually short in length – usually fewer than 10 characters. 5 letter domains, 6 letter domains and 7 letter domain names are considered particularly strong. A strong domain name should contain alphabetic characters and no hyphens. Be careful when using numbers. They need to make sense in the domain name.

2. Tone and Cadence. Consider how the name sounds. Say it out loud and listen to how it sounds. A great domain name is easy to pronounce and sounds right when you say it aloud.

3. Look and Feel. Consider how the name will appear in written form. A great domain name should be easy to write, easy to communicate and easy to spell. Think about how the name will look on your website, letterhead, collateral material, advertising elements and on building signage. A great should be clear and easy to read.

4. Unique and Catchy. You want a domain name that differentiates your start-up from your competitors. The name should clearly separate your firm from others in the industry.

5. Growth and Expansion Potential. Consider the degree to which a name is expandable to allow for market expansion or industry changes. Consider the universality of the domain name and its application in an international context. Also consider the meaning of the name in multiple languages and cultural contexts.

6. Vitality & Positioning. You want a domain name with energy and verve. Think of your business like a person. You want a name with a personality that captures the strategy and mission of your company and positions your firm strategically relative to your competitors.

Finding a Clever Web Name

Your domain name is your address on the internet. Your web name directs your customers to your business. So choosing the right name is vitally important.

The domain name that you select could make the difference between the success and failure of your business. You can purchase a name that has already been created or you can register a brand-new domain name.

With a huge number of new businesses created every year, you may have found that most of high-quality, short and memorable web names have already been snapped up.

But there's hope. Webrics.com has acquired and developed thousands of premium web business names that are screened and ready to use.

A Dot-Com Domain Name Means Business

The dot-com domain extension is the universal choice businesses both small and large. While each country has their own unique country code domain extensions, dot-com has emerged as a captivating global standard.

The Dot-Com Extension Means Business
The dot-com extension is used by virtually every mid-size and large business. While each country has their own unique country code domain extensions, dot-com has emerged as the global standard. Your customers will simply expect it you to have a dot-com domain extension.
You will also want to acquire the matching dot-com domain name. That means the company name must be exactly the same as the domain name with "dot-com" added. If you can’t get the dot-com, pick another name.

Customers looking to find you on the web expect to find you with a dot-com TLD. They will type your name into their browser, then add ".com".
If you can’t get the dot-com, pick another name.